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Mt Difficulty Bannockburn, Long Gully,
Late Harvest Riesling 2013
Half Bottle 375ml

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Tasting Notes

Sweet late harvest wine.

The cool autumn of 2013 allowed us to capture lovely stonefruit characters along with floral citrus. The palate displays luscious stone-fruit and citrus characters, partly driven by the residual sugar, which lead into a rich full mid palate and finish on a lovely citrus note.  Great natural acidity has resulted in a wine that starts sweet but finishes with a clean flourish.



Mt Difficulty Bannockburn, Long Gully, Late Harvest Riesling will improve for 7-12 years given optimal cellaring conditions. 


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Vintage Notes


The growing season in 2013 kicked off with a cool spring. Frosts in early November reduced production from Station Block, at the top of the Cromwell basin, but Bannockburn was untouched. Although the cool spring continued after that, temperatures warmed just before Christmas in time to make for a very successful flowering. January was cooler and wetter than average and then February onwards was very warm and dry. We experienced a protracted veraison (the point at which the grapes stop growing and start to ripen, characterised by colour change) leading to increased variability in ripeness. To counter this we introduced a late colour thin to ensure fruit arrived in optimal condition at harvest. Early autumn returned to more classic settled Central autumnal conditions, and harvest started on the 3rd of April, continuing through until the 3rd of May. It was a normal yielding year, with nice focused acidity and interesting flavour profiles reflecting, to some degree, the variability of the season.



A section of Long Gully Vineyard was separated and left to ripen further before harvesting. We had an unusually protracted cool wet spell in the middle of March after which our normal dry autumn conditions returned.  We harvested these grapes on the 26th of April; they were harvested cool and then handled in a reductive fashion throughout processing. The wine was racked clean and fermented relatively warm to protect the lovely ethereal generous nature of late harvest Riesling. The ferment was stopped by chilling and racking to another tank.

Alc. 10%  T/A 6.5 gL-1  pH 2.9  Residual Sugar 90 gL-1


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